beware of the budding wallflower!

This is a picture of union square I found on kind of looks like a painting.I was drawn to it for some reason.It looks like a picture taken in England or something.But it is,the one and only UNION SQUARE
so I found out tonight that I live in NoHo.I guess the opposite of SoHo
What a great location,I think its the best place on earth. Theres so much to do!
Im swimming in possibilities.Is it bad that I find SOOO many guys hot?!
Even the psychiatrist who I was supposed to see tonight is hot
calm down Tiff!
The first thing I’d like to do tomorrow is go to my favorite local book store,”Strand” and finish reading the book on meditation that I started reading a few days ago. Im always drawn to the yoga,meditation,and Buddhist books
Tommorow I should be getting about $20.00 from my stepdad in my bank account.Doesn’t sound like a lot,but its better than nothing and its very generous of him.Im gonna get some good shampoo and condish with it.Probably fructis
I was gonna get a latte,but I’ve been reading that you should stay away from caffeine if you have anxiety.Do you think this is true?
Im debating whether I should close myself off from guys or talk to them,because my mental state is fragile right now and I don’t know if talking to them would make that worse or better?! feedback?!
Im looking forward to tomorrow,I  look forward to every day
oh sheet,my favorite song just came on(well one of) “LEAN ON” my house music,or whatever genre it is.
Anyways,im hoping to build this blog or a new one and get some followers cause I have a lot of good things to say.
I miss Brooklyn,when I get my government money Saturday I am gonna go to Brooklyn,or maybe Burlington coat factory,and look for a soft plush blanket.I miss Brooklyn,with all of my tough guys
what else could I do tomorrow.I would really like to watch the dogs,i think that is my favorite thing to do.

Bull dogs are my favorite dog, I think they are the cutest.But I have to tell you about an experience I had with little PJ.

I was at the local park in east new York Brooklyn by the shelter,and the friendly person that I am,i walked up to this little creature and his owner(a young boy about 7 or 8),and it was the first dog that I’ve had the courage to pet in a while because ive had some emotional issues.But he came up to me like a little angel.He was like a hot dog dog? I don’t know what breed but little and kind of long and fuzzy,he was the most precious little baby ive ever come across and then the scene got even cuter,when this little baby girl walked over, about 2 years old and she was like hey PJ! and then she got scared,giggled,and like waddled was the cutest thing ever.

This little guy resembles PJ
I don’t know how people can abuse doggies.Thats so sad.
Im having a little bit of trouble getting through my fourth step in AA.I talked to my sponser and I felt like.
Heres a sort of recent pic of me.

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