I used to be a nanny

When I lived in Connecticut I was a nanny .and I babysat too.but when I was doing drugs I came to the family’s house high on methadone and it was a disaster.drugs can really make you do some crazy things.AA helped me to get off drugs,and all the s ponsers and supportive people that I met there.one time I left a meeting and was about to take pills and someone followed me into the parking lot and asked me if I asked me if I would empty out my adderall pills so I did.but I still went back to it again.

The girl in my room just gave me her sunglasses.that was really nice of her.

I just had saag paneer for dinner.that was pretty good.

One year I was renting a room in CT and there was no heat during the winter.it was very cold.right now I have heat and it feels good.

Well don’t know what else to write .supposed to go out for dinner with my sponser tommorow.I may or may not go.it depends..I have to go over my resentment list with her.I’m gonna try to stay in the moment.


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