the new shelter

This new shelter thst I’m at is a mental health shelter and I’m already seeing manifestations of that,not that I’m perfect by any means.but there are people talking to themselves and such.

Even the atmosphere,i kind of feel like I’m in a mental hospital,but it also has the feel of the city,when I walk down the stairs,it reminds me of an old city building that my aunt and uncle used to live in.And there’s elevators too.which is cool.the other shelter I was on the fourth floor and there were 6 or 7 flights of was brutal

Tonight for dinner we had chicken rice and me,it was gross and I was gonna throw it away,then I felt eyes on me and I felt guilty so I offered the chicken to someone.I felt bad,but the chicken meat did not look edible

So I went to rite aid and got a bag of lime tostitoes and salsa and a small soda,and the cashier was very friendly and personable,he goes ,your getting THAT size soda for that huge bag of was a good point and I wanted to converse with him but I froze up in anxiety.

Anyways,when I got home I was overwhelmed with hunger.the tostitoes didn’t fill me up and I had goo much anxiety to walk to the store to get food,so I googled “guided meditation for hunger”and a Buddhist meditation came up and it said to think about how hunger feels and people that are suffering with the feeling multiple times a day and think of how we take food for granted and not to waste food I made a vow not to waste food and miraculously my hunger went away and I felt great!


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