My past

I’ve had alot of crazy things happen to me in my past.I want to talk a little bit more about my trip to woodstock.I was dating a guy and he had some serious mental health issues and we were doing drugs together and I moved into my own rented room and I was talking to this coke dealer and he came over and we did coke and I called my aunt at 10 at night and told her I was coming up to woodstock.I packed up said goodbye to my ex bf and headed there.when I got to the hospital I met this guy and we hooked up in one of the rooms and then we got discharged and met up at a hotel and did methadone and smoked weed and I ended up back in the hospital.then I found out he overdosed.

Anyways I’m getting bored of talking about yhis.I really hope things get better in my life.I am working on becoming a peer counselor.I am mailing out my application Monday and hopefully I get accepted into the program.that would be golden.I think by that time I should be in a good place and I should be “healed”.the peer program really holds a special place in my heart.there was this peer counselor Farrell he used to call himself “for real”just to make us laugh,which we needed.but he had kind of a serious demeanor but he was realky helpful.and when I was deathly afraid of leaving the hospital he was the one who told me that I could always come back if I needed to.I forget why I was afraid of leaving.

But,here’s some interesting stuff that will probably blow your mind.some people in their twenties are living with their parents,i was renting a room from this white woman and her black husband in an urban area of staten island.the woman cooked for me,brought food to my room!,was very caring and she had a son who was always on the phone,did some wrestling business.he was nice to time I met his girlfriend she was cool.sometimes we had family dinners.that was nice.they also invited me over for thanksgiving.

Ugh can’t type anymore!


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