I’m different

Well my whole entry just got erased like usual,but I was saying I’m different and full of stories

I need to get a skate board again.I used to have one but I don’t have it anymore.it was a really hot one.I’ve been seeing alot of skaters in manhattan.it’s cool to see them.I think the reason I like skaters is cause they’re interesting and some of them have been through alot of pain.I know I have

When I lived in CT,i went to a skate park,i think it was called rampage…hold on I just had a thought.

I like manhattan because it’s very sophisticated and I like the way people look at you.like your important and have value.at least,that’s what’s in my head…but yeah this one time I went to this skate park and there were some teenagers hanging out there and one of them recommended I listen to suicide silence.I think that’s screamo.


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