all you need to know about perfumes….

So when your searching for a perfume,there are so many choices,where to even start?you get to sephora or Macy’s or Lord n Taylor,and the sales people eye you like your a piece of meat,lol no they just want to make money and do their job,but do you go in knowing what you want?what’s the special occasion your purchasing for or is there one.

Here are a few of my favorites and recommendations

♡coco chanel-potent but sweet,sensual.good for a date,for work,for the fall and’s like a blend of vanilla and spices.hard to describe

♡euphoria by calvin Klein-good to wear out with your sweetheart or family.a little to strong for a first date.spicy and warm

♡Pravda candy-this perfume makes you feel young and fruity *(and flirty)it says,”I’m all about having fun”very seductive.

Well I hope you enjoyed my suggestions!♡☆♡☆♡


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