Today,i went to the dentist.I was feeling very fearful

But all morning i was feeling fearful of going because i thought i was gonna embarrass myself so i wrote out positive affirmations and did positive self talk

luckily nothing was wrong with im having this anxiety talking to guys and its really bothering when i talk to them i think they think im saying something sexual but im not.i could at least try to have a conversation.the dentist cleaned my teeth and all of this gunk came off when i spit out it felt really good to lose that.i know thats kind of gross but it was cool

Tommorow i should come back to the library and finish my peer counseling essay.i have to ask mom what she thinks about it.

i also need to work on my self esteem.i have not felt pretty without makeup in like a month.i wear eye liner,mascara,and dark red i cant go without it.


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