one day we won’t feel this pain anymore

so looks like ill be getting discharged from the hospital next week. feeling a little better.woke up in a really cranky mood today but kind of snapped out of it. We had a group on the hospital. they talked about giving the meds a chance. I hope that the next group is good. i dont know what its gonna be.but it should be ok. this white girl came to the hospital shes pretty cool. maybe ill talk to her later. I wish i had a good book on mindfulness or buddhism to read. i dont know what im going to do about money when i get out of here.i dont know what to do with this blog because i usually use it as a journal but im gonna post some pictures. so i was thinking of makeup. i want to get some makeup when i get out of here.cause my eye liner broke,and i need some eye liner to give myself smoky eyes i like that look,and   a really thick mascara.

i like Mila kunis’ smokey eye look.shes really pretty.i think brunettes are the sexiest.she has an exotic look.Theres someone who works here whose really pretty she has really nice hair.and as im writing this im having paranoid thoughts.

<—-something thats really important to me that i can’t live without.

its not letting me add another picture. but i was going to post a picture of obama with his hands up in the air. my google search word was triumphant because i feel that i have won alot of battles.

but its just the beginning of my life. My life has just started. Im really interested in making a band.i just have to  find a way to keep my mind peaceful.i feel like i can’t even listen to love songs cause it reminds me of him. Its unfair but.yeah id like to have a band like avenged sevenfold.


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