salad bar on a monday

So I went exploring today.went back to union square.went to whole foods.there wad alot of people there.I was gonna eat at the food emporium but I thought the food would be fresher at whole foods.the  Bar was so colorful.I felt uncomfortable because I was new to the store and all of these “professionals” who I figured were regular shoppers were bouncing all around the two salad bars.then I got to the salad dressings area and someone came frighteningly close to me to use the salad dressing and you should have seen hoe I picked up and poured out the glass balsamicsalad dressing.if a bartender poured it that way theyd get pretty shitty tips.then i went upstairs to eat.i noticed from outside that they had an was cool up there..i sat at the same table ad this girlthat i didnt evrn know and it wasnt awkward or my salad was dark mixed greens,grape leaves,some kind of chicken salad,some kind of tuna salad made with penne.and leg me just say since I’ve been at the shelter for 2 months I haven’t had a good plate of pasta.So having this al dente pasts was a real treat for me.So then the girl that was sitting there left and a guy came over and sat next to me.or across from me.which made me feel extremely self conscious.I feel like we were on a date.he was on his I pad or whatever.

I’m feeling kind of itchy so I’ll just tell u what I did next which was go to this cute little underground coffee was literally underground.Like in a basementIMG_20150615_151912


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