royal we

I resent the fact that word press is not an online virtual journal,or is it..when i first got on this website and was going through the news feed i was like ok this is different but it didn’t seem like there were any of the type of blogs that i was interested spirituality,fashion,boys,relationships,marraige,clean eating,yoga, etc. But I love to journal so i’ve been on this website for about a year or maybe a little more. I dont know i’ve lived and been all over the place so its hard to keep track of things sometimes.But I love to share my writing,that is if its geared for a public audience.

I have really come a long way.In life..But especially between the move from Connecticut to new york.I haven’t yet had the privelage of giving a tourist or fellow new yorker directions on the street or at the subway but im starting to know my way around and i think thats really cool!

I am feeling a little more balanced today.My iphone 6 got stolen so i haven’t had a phone in a month or so and my government phone still hasn’t im doing alot of journaling.

I decided just a half hour ago that i want to volunteer at the local hospital if i can.I think that would be really rewarding.I want to be doing something meaningful with my time

I also want to be in a rock band…learn the electric guitar,even though i feel like thats not all that feminine.I am kind of a girly girl.

Lately i have been feeling off. Like a lack of direction in life and i also have this sensation that goes with it like im on a cloud but not in a good way.also still the paraylsis in my head.i need help with that if anyone has any feedback.I’ll be having a conversation and then suddenly i feel the prick or bad feeling come over me and i start to have trouble talking. i dont know where it comes from.

My days are crazy.I do most things alone but today i woke up i felt like i got hit by a truck,went down to breakfast, we had a heated up cornmuffin and raisin bran cereal.Then i went up to the activity room and read my book called “Do your Om thing” about yoga.. Again avoided people


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