word press i have so much to tell you!!!

hello world and word press!!!

havent updated in so long,well it might have been like 2 weeks ago but life has been absolutely crazy chaotic tragic and wonderful

whats bothering me right now is that ive “picked up” a lisp,i dont know where its come from but its making me feel really insecure!like to the point where i dont even want to open my fucking mouth. and talk to guys or girls cause girls are judgemental too!i feel like its coming from this medication depakote that i’ve been taking so im gonna try to get off of of it but maybe its anxiety

so im at the library in staten island yes i traveled all the way over here to see my case worker to see if my government phone arrived yet and its been 3 or 4 weeks and unfortunately it hasnt fucking arrived yet so annonying but thats what i expected! Someone stole my iphone 6 from the shelter where im staying

im staying at  a shelter in brooklyn. Its kind of like being in school for delinquents.the building is actually an old school. im white and there are mostly black and spanish girls there .at first i felt intimidated by them and i really didnt like them but now im starting to feel a bond with them.i feel like were more similar than we are different.

i have so much to write about its crazy. i have been feeling not so good mentally having a lot of anxiety and feeling numb. and now i dont know where im gonna get money for a metro card since my case worker doesn’t want me to work. but ill just have to trust in god.



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