New start art to a healthy lifestyle.

I have been working out since I was like 15 at planet fitness in CT. I remember when they first opened up I was so excited. initially when I went to work out there was an anterior motive to get guys attention but still there was a drive from a very young age to engage In physical stepdad had me in soccer, and in high school I played soccer and ran track. Maybe my stepdad thought my mind needed to be occupied  because of the tragic loss of my mother or he wanted me to see my strength. Then over the yeArs I belonged to several gyms. Fitness edge wAs my favorite and there were really hot guys there which made it difficult to stay focused. I also had lost motivation I only did like 5 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill. But my usual physique is very in shape. It’s almost perfect. I have large breasts a nice booty😱, muscular long legs and a pretty face. I always felt Insecure, always needing to be validated by men or the mirror. Just could never accept myself the way I was, as if that wAsnt good enough. I also being the cheap Jew that I am, took advantage of all of the fitness free trials and discounts I could get my hands on. Well maybe that’s not the best description of a cheap jew but just saying. But it was great I am just crazy about fitness. There’s so much appeal to it. Equinox is a nice gym, I worked out there once there was a week trial I think. I love being in aesthetically pleasing atmospheres, the locker rooms, you walk in and you just feel like a queen. Right now I’m sitting at dunkin donuts having my coffee. Iced coffee. I love being with me.seems like the only person that loves being with me sometimes. But yeah so I have an accomplishment thAt I’m proud of to share with ya’ll

…..sighs… I wish my phone would ring..,,


ok back

my accomplishment is that I was with this high end gym called the New York sports club for a yeAr and that’s the longest I’ve ever been with a job. Without this job I might now have come full circle with my passion for working out. It was there that I saw what the human mind and body was made of. I saw such beauty such exotic bodies fierce sweat.

I dare you to try to even

Try to break my focus

my friend told me I had a new aura about me and she said I looked so pretty that she couldn’t stop staring at me so I naturally started feeling myself and thought the guys were paying attention to me and nothing else

maybe true or false

i don’t think I’m that pretty

maybr I am

so im gonna wrap this up with my experience at the gym crunch today

oh yeah how could I forget

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so I just feel great from my workout. Feel like I got my mojo back. I’m living In a shelter have no money no job but today I kicked ass at the gym. Been. Reading yoga journal so I was doing some yoga stretches featured in the magazine in the hospital and I remembered them! And even better I was focused at the gym because there are not a lot of guys that I’m attracted to, well that’s one of the reasons. Usually I see the gym as a bore and my main interest is checking out guys but I’ve moved forward and I’m no longer a beginner. I couldn’t wAit to lift weights. And all im gonna say is that I’m ready to move on to the next chapter of my life and become a personal trainer and yoga teacher cause I think yoga is super cool


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