the sacred kiss from him….

so ive decided that im going to start blogging despite my reservations of being exposed to the here goes.i had a really fun day today.i just started working at a diner and i had such a good time .i just really enjoy interacting with people and making money is going to be great too.tommorow i have therapy at 1 oclock,that should be good i have alot to do with my therapist.maybe we can do some meditation cause that has really been helping me.she did this excercize with me when i was having a physical symptom where we drew the outline of a body and inside ,just like in the buddhist tradition,she told me to write a list of words where i was feeling certain emotions in my body and circle them in the color that corresponded to that was great.i was able to sit through the therapy session and not leave,like i had in the past.its a good idea to have a therapist.they are really i have that at 1 oclock tommorow and then i have to be to work at 5.i think im working til 2 am.


sorry i had to stop for a second i needed to do my 15 minute meditation for AA and my 10th step inventory.i was kinda dreading doing it,but at least i got it over right now i am feeling really attatched and close to this guy that i met and hes in a meeting right now and im not sure if hes gonna call me text me afterwards or not.he was going through some stuff today.but i miss him.your not supposed to miss your friends like this.ive never ever wanted to talk to anyone this much come to think of it.maybe i really like him.hes italian,really sexy.dark features,dark eyebrows,black hair nice eyes nice lips nice smile beard.and i think he really digs me.he acts like it.i honestly feel like celebrity status right now but at the same time i feel alot of sadness and anxiety in my throat and in my forehead.pineal gland.i think this guy really cares about me.i really care about him.hes just special,different,even if were just friends its ok.i dont want to say this for the record,but i kind of feel like hes my best friend.and thats reallly special.we havent known eachother for that long.and we come from really different worlds so i dont know if it will work out. he just drives me not


so…we were sitting in the car.first he met me at my favorite spot,dunkin donuts.we got iced coffees and then he bought me one. that was sweet.we had a good chat.then we got in the car and just drove around for a while.we went into his bank,i greeted the teller.i was listening to justin bieber and he said he wouldnt be caught dead listening to that.

so let me pause for a second cause i know your interested in my story

so i want to tell you about the waitressing job today.i got in and i met two knew people.they were nice.the boss was upset that i brought in a cup of dunkin donuts coffee.understandably i transferred the plastic dunkin cup into one of the diners cups.everyone was really nice.tina was the server who trained me today.

so back to him…

s u s p e n c e   mUCH?

so we were in his car and he said he had to go somewhere,first of all this dude said he took off work to hang out with me.whats that all about?does he like me or something.


so in the car i kissed him and we just smushed our lips together and i gave him a big felt really good.i wanted to do it again. so we did.this time he grabbed my face.that was the most amazing feeling ive ever felt omg.that felt like he really really wanted me.and we used alot of tongue and it was really really hott and enjoyable.i wish he was with me write roomate said she would kick his ass if he was an asshole and funny enough he said he would kick someone else’s there was alot of ass kicking

just pause for a second.damn if this was a porno you probably would have shut it off by now.but its not a porno,far from it and i hope your not releasing pheromones or feeling any lust cause thats not what this is about

just stay with me

im amazing,ill tell u more

you wanna know a secret?im wearing a guy said that was “hot”

he also told me that im “proper” i guess he thinks that cause i come from connecticut and i am a “college girl”but he said he likes the way my voice sounds and it makes him crazy.i love that omg!hes so sexy god damn i mean hes not the best looking guy ive ever seen but somehow i feel like he was made just for me

so we’re in the car right-

and i basically got all up on him without leaving me seat and we kissed really passionately.i like the way his tongue felt really good.hes young too hes 28.then i touched his chest.oh before i was giving him a neck massage in the car and he really really liked it.i dont do that to just anyone

god damn i dont want to get attatched to him.

it was just a really sexy feeling.

but anyways,tommorow i have therapy at 1 oclock and then work at 6 gonna have to get a black shirt


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