juicing and new age spirituality

I’ve been intrigued by juicing for quite some time now.Why don’t i have a juicer! I talk talk talk about it.Maybe I have a fear of the way the juice will taste(with all of the vegetables and stuff)But i think im going to get one.I really don’t eat a whole lot of vegetables and fruits,but i bought apples today,so that was good.Lately I’ve been eating a lot and i dont know if its emotional eating or a healthy thing that i have an increased appetite.But now i have just started working at a store that sells juicers,and nutribullets,so i may have to get one.

In New Haven,CT,there was a grocery store,well it was much more than a grocery store.It was amazing,they had a juice/smoothie bar.I used to get fresh juices from there,i remember feeling really good afterwards.

So i think,since i am trying to lose weight and eat healthier,i think i will first start of eating healthier,than save up for a nutribullet(possibly)


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