this lil momma loves java

Isn’t there something special about coffee that calms and soothes your spirits and makes you want to get lost in deep conversation?

Back at home in CT where Im from,there are alot of cute little coffee shops.My favorite one,which is no longer open,was called “Chat N chew” I can almost remember the aroma that engulfed you when you walked in.Unknown-11

There were rocking chairs,and couches,and comfy seats all over the shoppe,art on the wall,friendly baristas behind the counter.My Dad and I used to go there together just to hang out and chat.One of my favorite memories in fairfield(I LOVE my Daddy) My favorite drink to get there was the “Chat-accino,” A frappaccino-like drink.Sometimes i used to get as much as 3-4 a day,they were that good!

Now,in my adventures in Staten Island,There aren’t many “hole in the wall” coffee shops.Where you see couches and art on the wall,but Dunkin Donuts has sufficed for the time being. I like to go there and have my iced coffee and write in my diary or read my daily inspirational emails from TUT.

Also,going back to fairfield,CT, just cause the mere thought of that town brings alot of serenity into my mind and heart,there are other coffee shops and hang out spots. Starbucks is one of them.But not just any,ordinary Starbucks. This Starbucks has an upper and lower level and the upper level is filled with mahogany leather couches and nice wing back chairs6a010536340e31970b01538e09a539970b-550wi

I enjoy drinking their Lattes,Iced and Hot.With their homemade whipped cream of course.And who doesn’t love a ginger bread,or pumpkin spiced latte in the winter.Well thats about all for now,I want to write about juicing in the next to you later!


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