manhattan skyline

The weather is beautiful today! Nice and breezy. And being by the water helps!I woke up a little late today,walked to Dunkin Donuts,got myself a nice large iced coffee,cream 1 sugar.I love when the richness of coffee hits your senses.Dunkin donuts makes a good cup of coffee,but sometimes it doesn’t taste quite right.Then i walked down to the ferry and sat on a bench,enjoying the manhattan skyline


Im excited! because i figured out how to record video’s on youtube.I feel like i have some good things to talk about.I recorded like 3 video’s.Its great to have a place to speak your mind.

I had a conversation with someone last night and i told them that i felt held back and they said,maybe you need to be held back right now.We talked about acceptance.He told me to look up radical acceptance,which i learned about in dialectical behavioral therapy.He said that as much as i dont like what’s going on with me,I have to accept that it’s a part of me. So when im going about my day and i feel the anxiety,I just have to keep telling myself that this is a part of me and try to accept it over and over again.

Lately,I have been on the Banana Republic Website a lot.I am drawn to the sophisticated,chic look.I used to work there when i was 16.I’m interested in studying graphic design and i was thinking maybe i could work for a company like banana republic..hmm..


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