the freedom of family

il_340x270.305376283so i moved out of the room a few days ago,and have had the opportunity to live with my friend’s family for the next two weeks until its time to move into my new place on September 1st.get-attachment-1.aspx


For the longest time,Since I moved to Staten Island mostly,i’ve wished that i could be like everyone else and live with my family.That didn’t happen but something better did.I met Diana*.Diana* took me under her wing cause you know every lost soul could use a little direction.She helped me move out of my old place and without her,i think it would have been really stressful for me. She was able to find me a room with her family for the next two weeks until i move.

They’re great.I immediately felt right at home.

Side note(I dated a guy who had a very similar interior in their home and that was a particularly happy time of my life so it was nostalgic to be around.

Its so nice having cable and internet! I haven’t had that for the whole last year i’ve been in New York but it makes a big difference!

Diana’s sister and her family have been so kind to me. They said i could help myself to their groceries.Tonight Desire* made spahgetti and meat sauce,with fresh shaved parmesan.We talked earlier and I said i wouldnt mind cooking one night and i told her i like making italian food and she said She’d love to make Chicken Cacchitore

I love the freedom of living with family. No,they’re not my family but they treat me as if i am.Its pretty amazing when complete strangers show this level of kindness to you.

I am really thankful for all of the people who support and encourage me to become the best person i can be.


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