Your “Look” demands RESPECT


I was sitting next to three thirteen year old’s at a Starbucks a few months back and admiring their outfits. I’ve noticed that the younger generation makes it a priority to look really “cute” and fashionable. I said “You guys dress better than people my age”(I’m 26) They were wearing crop tops and you dont see too many people my age wearing those(the cut off shirts,for the older generation lol)I don’t know if people in their mid/late twenties dont care about fashion as much,or are just starting to “dress their age”

Tonight,a woman named Diana, who has been helping me out, took me shopping.

Friday August 15, 2:30 PM,Diana spotted me walking over to her car in my pink vintage floral denim shorts and a tank top.The shorts were pretty short.I got in the car and she said she wanted me to wear something more presentable to her sisters house. It wasn’t until i got home that i realized that the outfit was a little trashy. I dont really pay attention to how other people dress,i just throw on whatever fits.And coming from a refined older woman, i thought it would be in my best interest to take the advice.

Ironic:::::This morning,i was reading an excerpt from the website “The Daily Motivator” and they were talking about how its important to listen to people that are looking out for you even if its not what you want to hear.

So Diana said we were going to be going to TJMAX to find some clothing that suits my age. I find shopping pretty stressful,but she helped me picked things out and within minutes we had like five selections. If i was by myself,i wouldn’t have picked these particular items out.But they were surprisingly really cute.I ended up getting this.


If you can’t really see it,Its a striped polo shirt,some black DKNY jeans,and slip on shoes.

With fall approaching us,shopping is in the air.Im Happy with what i got.But with Diana’s help,i now feel more confidant.

She told me, “If i dress better,I’ll feel better.” I think shes right because its important how you carry yourself.

I’ve always felt that by wearing more revealing clothes,I’d get more attention.And it was true,I did.But the downside of that was that i attracted alot of undesirable circumstances and people.Now,I want to take direction from people like Diana,and other classy people who have my best interest in mind. Its time to remove whats stopping me from becoming the sexy,irresistible,sophisticated woman that I am.


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