jelousy will never serve you

Jealousy-Quotes-131-1jelousy is a terrible feeling.

it can make you feel




Who really wants to feel any of those things?

If we are insecure about our appearance and feel threatened by other people,we should take a step back and realize that there are going to be people prettier than us,and people less attractive than us.For the last couple of weeks,i’ve been getting alot of compliments about my appearance from guys and its made me feel really good,but it doesn’t sustain me.It doesn’t mean that i feel any prettier.If anything,i just start feeling like I’m the “sh*t”

I was telling my therapist that i was talking to this woman,and i started to realize how beautiful she was and it made me feel like i was nothing.It was one of the worst feelings i’ve ever had.My therapists response was,” Tell her she’s pretty” That made me feel a little bit better because then,i didn’t have to bottled my feelings of inferiority inside,and it was an opportunity to connect with her.

images you are beautiful beyond words

*Theres only of you on the planet; your unique






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