“It is our light,not our darkness…That frightens us”


I have been doing yoga for a couple of years now.There is something about the poses that makes you feel empowered. When i lived in Connecticut, i tried out Yoga classes at a gym called Crunch. I never really stayed for the whole class.But i remembered a couple of poses and i would do them on my own from time to time.Then i  joined Kaia Yoga in Westport,CT for $30.00 for the month,which was really cheap but i didn’t really stick with it then.

I started working at a place called Fresh Yoga, in New haven Connecticut and we were able to take free yoga classes.I noticed the calming effect of yoga,but i again discontinued it because i lost interest.

I have been struggling with chronic symptoms of a buzzing feeling in my head and a detatched feeling.When i was younger,i was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder,and a few years ago i started doing dialectical behavioral therapy.I attended a seminar at yale about Borderline personality disorder and at one point,psychiatrists gave us the opportunity to pass forward an idex card to answer any question we pleased.Dissociation, being a symptom of Borderline Personality disorder,i asked what the best way to deal with the   Unknown-5

dissociation would be. The psychiatrists answer was, yoga is the antidote to dissociation. So it was good that i got the opportunity to work at fresh yoga fora  while. When i moved to New York,Ironically since i had just worked at a fitness center,I started working at a gym and also had access to free yoga classes,as well as pilates.I was really extra eager to learn about the pilates class because i just felt a good energy about the exercise.

A friend of mine gave me a yoga/pilates CD and i was able to focus enough to do the whole class,which in the past was very challenging for me.So i decided to invest in a yoga CD and for the past 2 1/2 weeks i have commited myself to doing yoga at least once or twice a day

It has empowered me so much.At first,just starting out,i wasn’t seeing immediate results so i wanted to give up.


But i didn’t. I have been raving about the yoga to other people,trying to share my experience and encourage them to try it.Some people are responsive ,other people are skeptical,just like i was.



Im gonna wrap this up in a minute cause im really excited about asking my family to read this blog(its the hippest one i’ve made yet i think lol) but PILATES PILATES PILATES. get into it!


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