Yoga on the beach at sunset In Coney Island!

I had the oppportunity to go somewhere really cool yesterday-Coney Island,in Brooklyn.What a fun place.Getting off the train, i was greeted with explosive color and familiar restaurants.Nathan’s.OMG im such a sucker for their fries.If you’ve ever had them,you know what im talking about. The instructions on “” Were to meet at “Lola’s surf shop” at 7,but i arrived a bit early.I was feeling a bit anxious but i had about an hour to kill before yoga,so i went into a shirt selling coney island memorabilia and struck up some conversation with one of the employees. He was originally from boston but moved to Brooklyn with his girlfriend.We shared common interests,like we both are skateboarders. After that i went to lola’s surf shop at quarter of and,oh wait pause for a second. You know those mexican “throw” blankets that have that popular “aztec,tribal looking design” They were selling them in like four different colors,and i have wanted one for a long time,they were selling for $15(What a deal) and for no reason really,i haggled with the merchant and got it for $13.Then i went over to the surf shop and was greeting by the yoga instructor.She was so friendly.Another girl came up to us,She had travelled all the way from Westchester for the class.All in all there were probably about 12 of us for the yoga class. The beach was beautiful,so vast.Im from connecticut and there are really no waves,but there were some crashing waves at this beach.I had been doing yoga every day for about the past week so i was looking forward to it. I tried to soak in the scenery and do the poses at the same time.I looked over my shoulder and it was just so cool to see the whole class in sychronized poses.What an experience.I would definitely do it again.


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