Just a connecticut girl in a New York world

How many people are fortunate enough to be able to relocate to one of the most exciting places in the WHOLE entire world; New York effin City!For the first time,a striking Tall man asked me if i knew where the “E” train was.Was it the backpack i was wearing? Lately im working on not comparing myself to other people.I start getting really anxious and overly excited about seeing people in business suits,I feel like its like seeing a celebrity.I was at the diner a couple of weeks ago and i was talking to this guy about a guy i have a crush on and he was telling me not to put other people on a pedestal.He said “they have a life just like you,they are not better than you.So i started to walk with a new confidence.Same old me,but new perspective.Noone is above me.Envy is a useless emotion, cause why would i,how could i add anything to me.Im absolutely perfect.

It was funny,cause in the last month on face book i have seen two advertisements that have irony to my life.It was an advertisment for a sweatshirt with text on it;One said “its a Tiffany thing”
The other said “Just a Connecticut girl in a new york world”
Sorry if some of my writing doesn’t make sense but bear with me,Im trying my best to articulate my experiences.I just feel so fortunate to have been able to make this move.I’ve been renting rooms in houses for years now,so all i did for this move was go on craigslist,find a room,and voila.Im here.This is like a fresh start, a new beginning for me.Thanks for reading,talk to you soon!


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