Is a trust fund good or bad?

I was given a trust fund about 4 years ago. I recieved monthly allowances for the first couple of years,then the entire remaining sum of it was given to me at 26 years old. I was sitting with my Aunt in her garden one summer day,when she broke the news that i was going to be receiving a trust fund. Having suffered with mental illness for the past couple of years,i didn’t understand how it was going to make my life any easier,like she said it would.

I never really felt grateful for the money,and i complained that i didnt feel like i earned it. All of my bills were paid for years,including rent,cell phone,car insurance,storage,etc. If there was a mechanical problem with my car,i would just call my Aunt and it would be paid over the phone for me.

When i was living in a sober house,with about ten girls,i became self conscious of bringing home shopping bags full of new clothes,and bedding,when the other girls hardly had enough money to make ends meet with. 

Every time i got a job, i would wonder,whats the point, and think things like, “well if i get fired,or this doesn’t work out for whatever reason,oh well.” Whereas other people would take their jobs alot more seriously. It became evident to me that i was going to have to start earning money again,if i wanted to survive in this world

When i recieved the full sum of money,i blew through it fairly quickly. And as i sit here on my $1400 Macbook Air Laptop,i think about how fortunate I was to be able to purchase things like this.How many people can go into BCBG and drop $750.00 on three items.And walk away,feeling no dent in their pocket.Or going to the mall and dropping $500 dollars at Michael Kors. Oh,the things i could do!

You would frequently find me taking road trips,aimlessly driving on the highway,unmindful of the amount of gas i was using

I’ve been on my own since i was 18,usually renting rooms in people’s houses.After years of drug abuse,failed relationships,a very hard time earning a living for myself,and homelessness, I finally came into the money and my life got a little bit easier,at least financially.I barely even knew that I had bills because everything was being paid for me. 

Recently i’ve realized that i have to work to earn a living.So i have two jobs now.It feels good to be earning money again.


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